Hoshi Saga Ringoame Walkthrough

hoshi saga 5

Stage 26:

Spin the spines around for while, eventually, the pieces will start lining up in a more organized pattern. Tweak it around by spinning it back and forth and the pieces will drop down to form a star.

Stage 27:

Drag the block to the panel to its upper left. Once you have lined it up properly (try to observe the edges if they are lined up right), the block will drop downwards the the star shape will be complete.

Stage 28:

Using the small circles on top of the chains, you must drag the five pieces together to help form a star.

Stage 29:

Click and drag the screen to pan the camera across the scenery. The star can be found by panning the camera over towards the right side (the star is hiding behind a tree and can be seen from a different angle on the right side).

Stage 30:

Grab the candle and use it to light up five other candles on the tips of the star painted on the floor.

Stage 31:

Grab the bottom part of the screen and drag it towards the left side, this will bring out part of a star print which matches up to the partial print on the center gear.

Stage 32:

The star shape has been split into several parts, just click on the pieces without any yellow parts, if it flips and shows yellow, then its good, if it shows something red, move the mouse over the other side of the screen to flip it back a couple of times to bring out side with the star print.

Stage 33:

Bring the magnifying glass over to the right side of the star and it will enlarge the smaller arm to complete the rest of the shape.

Stage 34:

Move your mouse over towards the general lower left quadrant of the stage, position it just a little bit below the horizontal center and the circles will spin around to form a star -just move your mouse around a bit to get it to the right side.

Stage 35:

Simply drag the zipper down and the star will be visible.

Stage 36:

Keep on clicking on the center of the screen to push the panel over and to reveal the star printed on the other side.

Stage 37:

The two girls will automatically walk; click the mouse button to make them jump. The goal here is to get the two girls to climb the top of the stairs by making them jump. You only need to focus on one girl since the two mirror each other's movements. Once they get on top, the two halves of the star will be brought together.

Stage 38:

Drag each vertical panel up or down to make it line up with one another, you only need to focus on a few lines and the rest will also line up properly as well.

Stage 39:

When the two giant gray pieces meet together, the center can be clicked. With for them to slam each other then click and hold the mouse button on the center. This will pop out part of a star shape. Do it twice and you will complete the star.

Stage 40:

Do not bother trying to knock the balls out of the way to reveal the star behind them. Instead, move your mouse over to the lowest part of the screen below the balls and pull up the floor to move all the balls out in a single move.

Stage 41:

Match the following pieces in the top row with the following pieces in the bottom row: First top to second bottom, second top to fifth bottom, third top to third bottom, fourth top to fourth bottom, fifth top to first bottom.

Stage 42:

Circles flowing through the tubes will change shape each time you move your mouse over it (through the empty spaces between tubes). You need to move over them three times to change the circle to a triangle, square then a star shape.

Stage 43:

Keep on clicking any of the rotation arrows to make the boxes spin around -smaller boxes will keep popping out and eventually a star will pop out of the smallest box.

Stage 44:

Click on the small bubble on top of the screen to make it drop down. Aim it towards the small cross marks on the screen to color the outline of the star -note that making the bubble drop down will spin the outline, use this force to make the star spin and make the other points available to hit.

Stage 45:

Drag the small pieces on top of the panel to line them up like dominoes. The range of the hand on the left side is pretty short so be sure to compensate for that and also, the last block should fall over the platform so be sure to bring it close to the edge. When you are done, click on the hand icon on the left to make it push the dominoes.

Stage 46:

The large panel in the center is a giant X-Ray machine. Simply grab and drag the different crates to the center to check what they contain inside. To find the star, simply grab the crate on the lower right of the stage and bring it to the X-ray scanner.

Stage 47:

Grab the entire wall panel and swing it from left to right. The star will swing on the chain and if you shake the panel enough, the star will swing outwards to a side and be completely visible.

Stage 48:

Click, grab and shake the biggest panel on the screen, this will cause all the smaller pieces to get pushed out of the way and the star behind them all will be revealed.

Stage 49:

Click on the bottom to make the panel swing upwards. Then grab the large yellow circle and move it towards the left side of the floor. Click on the top panel to drop it back down -the star should be visible. If the star is only partially visible, swing the panel back up and adjust the position of the yellow circle.

Stage 50:

Drag the box around to make it drop a second box, then drag around the second box to reveal the third and last box. Once all three are out, you need to stack them up, biggest to smallest and line up the prints (you might have to rotate them a bit) to bring out the star shape.

Play Hoshi: Ringoame at HoshiSaga.jp and see if you can seek out all those precious stars!