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Hoshi Saga Ringo

In Hoshi Saga Ringo, game developer Yoshio Iishi once again challenges us all with an array of "find the hidden star" stages that will test the player's creativity and observational skills in order to find all the hidden stars in his game. While technically the fourth game in the set, Ringo is actually a new beginning for the Hoshi Saga series. With the end of the original 100 stages of the first trilogy, Ringo gives new players and old something else to try out. Aside from having completely new challenges and stages, Ringo also features full color treatment for the user interface the rest of the in-game graphics. Since its original release in 2010, Ringo has been followed up by four more games, making the full roster of Hoshi Saga titles up to eight.

Once again, for those of you who do not want to be spoiled with the solutions for the puzzles, we suggest using your browser's search function to seek out the specific stage number you need. View Hoshi Saga Ringo walkthrough.

Hoshi Saga Ringoame

Ringo Ame is the fifth game in the Hoshi Saga series and the second of the colored Ringo set. Much like the first Ringo game, this one has 25 new puzzles that will challenge players in figuring out where the hidden star may be. For those who have been playing since the first game, Ame will feel familiar and in many ways, comfortably easy. Still, there are plenty of things to appreciate about the puzzles - particularly in the clever ways they can be solved. Overall, Ame makes a good continuation of the Ringo series, giving old players something to pass time with and giving newer players a good grasp of the game's puzzle principles. Find all the stars now by checking out our View Hoshi Saga Ringoame walkthrough.

Hoshi Saga Ringoen

Ringo-En is the sixth entry to the Hoshi Saga game series. At its release, developer Neko Ishii has been enjoying a bit of a cult following from players in and out of Japan - giving Hoshi Saga a placed in a much coveted lineup of highly rated Flash games. And Ringoen certainly does not disappoint. An all new set of 25 secretly hidden stars will taunt new players on the impressively crafty ways they have been hidden, players of the older games will find a few patterns familiar, but will definitely be enjoying the game nonetheless. So without further ado, we move on to our guide to the puzzles of Hoshi Saga Ringoen. Seek all the stars out by checking out our View Hoshi Saga Ringoen walkthrough.

Where can I play all the games

Obviously credit has to be given to the creator of the entire series of games - with there currently being 8 different games. You can play all the games at Yoshio Ishii's official site for the Hoshi games series here.

We also recommend this neat little puzzle star site dedicated to Yoshio's hoshi saga games. Some more of the walkthroughs can be found here below the games (Hoshi Saga 1, 2 and 3).

Finally if we haven't given you enough options for the site, you play the whole series at Jay Is Games. Just use the navigation below the first game to flick through each of the eight games.

Into Space 2

There was a time where space travel required qualifications and training, but the power of flash compels you to journey skywards via Into Space 2 where you must launch and control your spacecraft on an upwards journey. Fly, upgrade, and explore the heavens in this original title of the launch-game genre. 

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